Officials in Australia have recently encountered an interesting challenge to their well-laid plans to combat the spread of Covid-19: quarantine escapes. When Australians return to Sydney from trips abroad, the government requires them to stay in a hotel for two weeks. But recently, there have been several reports of citizens attempting to break […]

FROM OUR OBSESSION Global Economic Disruptions Globalization, automation, and inequality. The US will not, after all, deny visas to international students at US universities forced to take online classes as a preventive measure against Covid-19. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) reversed the guidance issued July 6, which required foreign students must […]

Hong Kong’s protesters have a tortured relationship with Apple. While the iPhone’s AirDrop function has helped protesters spread messages quickly in crowded situations, the US tech giant has also thrown obstacles in their way, most notably when it removed a real-time protest map app from its app store last year. Now, the city’s democracy […]

The instancesof police brutality across the globe have stirred grief and anger. And yet, the death of George Floyd happened in a context that was entirely different from that of the alleged custodial deaths of J Jayaraj and his son, Bennicks Immanuel. While Black Lives Matter protests across the US called for defunding the […]