After decades of getting Hollywood movies first, the US could now get them last

For most of the history of Hollywood, the US would get to see new blockbuster movies first, while the rest of the world had to wait. The coronavirus pandemic could reverse that model.

Theaters in many countries have gradually reopened in the last few months. Several European countries—including France, Italy, and Spain—allowed theaters to open their doors again (with precautions) in May and June. Japanese theaters have been open for three months. Nearly every theater in South Korea is currently open.

But not so in the United States. As Covid-19 cases surge in states across the country, the American film industry has been slow to reopen. Only about a quarter of US theaters are open for business, the Los Angeles Times reported. Theaters in the country’s two biggest markets—New York City and Los Angeles—remain shuttered. (California governor Gavin Newsom recently ordered theaters to close again this week after some were briefly allowed to reopen.)


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